Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
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Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida

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Fritz Kreisler
Fritz Kreisler

The best violin in our rental program, the Fritz is always also available for purchase. Matt brown shaded hand-rubbed oil varnish. The violin has been much enhanced in our workshop. Prepares the way for advancing students to trade up to more advanced violins. A best-seller at Gainesville Violins. The Fritz is the favorite of prize-winners such as Esther Muradov (RIGHT).


4/4   $950.00  
3/4   $850.00  
1/2   $750.00  
1/4   $650.00  
1/8   $550.00  
1/10   $450.00  
1/16   $350.00  
1/32   $300.00  

+ Shipping, Tax, and Insurance as applicable

Prize-winner Esther Muradov with her Fritz violin (2004).

Emma Khan

"Dear Jan, Thank you very much for your time to help me find a violin of my own. I admire it and have been practising every day. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you! I guess about all I can say is thank you! Thank you again, from a VERY happy customer View Complete Testimonial...

Andrew Blocker

Andrew Blocker has been a loyal customer of Gainesville Violins since he obtained his first 1/4-size violin from us. By 2007 he needed a full-size instrument; he had become concertmaster of the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra's Read more...
Andrew's "Ysaye" Guarneri del Gesu.
Andrew admires his new violin.
Andrew's "Ysaye" Guarneri del Gesu.
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Good Morning Jan and Anna: It is Friday morning about 6:00 am and I was led to write you a short note. I was in your shop on Monday Oct 15th and you fixed my old violin within a few hours. I look at it now and it is so nice. I pick it up and turn my music on and begin to play. I am still talking about my visit to your shop. I will be leaving tonight for North Carolina for a week. I thank you for your kindness and you patience. Thank you also for the case and the bow. I am taking it with me along with my other instruments to the mountains. I am looking forward to sitting on the back porch and playing to the birds.

Thanks for all your help.


Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida

  Each instrument sold by Gainesville Violins is crafted to Jan's meticulous specifications and completed in his workshop.   Our repair shop will take the time and care to make sure that your instrument serves you well. Whether you are restoring a much loved piece or maintaining the sound and feel that you love, Jan and Anna along with their team of assistants will keep the music in your life sounding the way it should while the beauty of each instrument is also carefully preserved.      
Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
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