Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
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Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville Violins

Thanksgiving Hours:

We will be open on Monday, November 23rd, from 1pm-6pm, and on Tuesday, November 24th, from 10am-2pm.

We will be closed from Wednesday the 25th and will re-open again on Monday, November 30th during normal business hours.

Hope you have a blessed holiday!

Founded at the end of 1997 in Gainesville, Florida, Gainesville Violins Inc is wholly owned and operated by Jan and Anna van Rooyen, aided by a number of assistants.

Gainesville Violins is dedicated to providing superior quality instruments and service to all of our customers around the world. We exert ourselves especially to help teachers.

"A pound of experience is worth a ton of theory": Jan has handled more than 25,000 instruments in his life!

While Forbes Magazine has not yet touted bow collecting as an important enterprise, we have seen a steep rise in this activity. Gainesville Violins provides a full service regarding violin, viola, cello and bass bows – modern as well as vintage and antique, all sizes and price levels, sales, repairs and re-hairing. From time to time we have Daniel Dorfler as well as David Hawthorne bows, not to mention other famous name brands such as D Muniz Brasil and other Arcos Brasil makers. Inquire today by emailing jan@gviolins.com.

The main difference is that WE really care about YOU.

Violins by Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen
  Mon-Thu: 1-6pm
  Fri-Sun: By Appt

"I cannot thank you enough for the services you have provided me. I thought of you towards the beginning of the year when I went to a violin shop to get my bow rehaired. I could not believe how unfriendly the man was (I won't give any names). Then I found myself thinking, 'Maybe he's not that bad, I'm just used to Jan and Anna'. (Haha, true story!)

Thanks again for EVERYTHING. You've both helped me reach where I am today, and I'll be forever grateful."


Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida

  Each instrument sold by Gainesville Violins is crafted to Jan's meticulous specifications and completed in his workshop.   Our repair shop will take the time and care to make sure that your instrument serves you well. Whether you are restoring a much loved piece or maintaining the sound and feel that you love, Jan and Anna along with their team of assistants will keep the music in your life sounding the way it should while the beauty of each instrument is also carefully preserved.   We rent out only quality instruments. Prize-winning musicians rent from us! We exceed the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) specifications. Each instrument is expertly fitted up, adjusted and tested in our workshop to make sure that it has the very best sound and playability.    
Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
Jan-Hendrik van Rooyen Violins in Gainesville, Florida
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